Malta Tourism

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Malta Tourism

In the Map of the world, Malta may only seem like a small island nation but if you peep carefully a bit deeper, this place wears big boots. The name Malta is derived from a Greek word meaning “honey “as this island has a well-distributed species of bee, which produces a unique type of honey for which the island is very famous for.

Some of distinguished Malta facts are that it is just 121 square miles and the main island roughly stretches to about 27km and the total shoreline is 271km including Malta, Gozo, and Comino. The currency of Malta is Euro which was earlier Maltese Lira. Valletta is the capital of Malta with one of the richest historical areas in the world. The average temperature here is well within 24 degree Celsius and the lowest is 12 degree Celsius in winters.

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Despite being a nation with small size and islands, Malta has 3 sites in UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Valletta, The Megalithic Temples of Malta and Hal Safieni Hypogeum. Malta is often termed as craggy coast country and beaches nation but is also famous for its awesome Cittadella, which way back to the middle ages.

Malta is also a paradise for walkers as it provides various tours to take visitors along the coastline of Gozo and Malta. Just give yourself a walk after the long rain following summer, when the wild meadows spring to life. See More Best Mountains and Places To Visit In Switzerland

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There are no forest and rivers in Malta yet you will not miss them as the beauty across will mesmerize you to the fullest. Malta is also well-known for its utterly delicious food and cuisine. So while you are in or around the capital

Valletta does not forget to try a “ricotta-filled filo-pastry Pastizzi” with a can of Kinnie which is a local drink made with chinotto bitter oranges and a unique blend of herbs and species. Also for Dinner, try the rabbit, which is a special Maltese cuisine and is slowly cooked with wine and onion to give it a mouthwatering taste.



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