Rio Grande Bridge, New Mexico

Best Bungee jumping In The World

Bungee Jumping

This is a sport where you need to jump from a certain height or a tall structure while connected to an elastic rod. Bungee jumping requires a lot of courage as the feeling gives you a walk away from a near death experience and believe me the feeling is intense. Bungee jumping can be done from Cranes, Towers, Bridges or even hot air balloons but should always be under the supervision of a master. It is totally safe and a lifetime experience but listening to your instructor and following his/her instructions is the major part so as not to sustain any injury. Famous Bungee jumping spots in the world include. Best White Water Rafting In World

Macau Tower, Macau, China – The Macau tower is also known as one of the highest Bungee jumps in the world. It is also known as AJ Hackett and lets you fall from a mystifying height of 764 feet. The full package would cost you around $3988 which includes Jump, the certificate, T-Shirt, video, Tower Ticket, and a membership card.

Macau Tower Ans Macau Bridge Landmark Of Macau China Stock
Macau Tower Ans Macau Bridge Landmark Of Macau China Stock

Verzasca Dam, Switzerland – Switzerland which is also known as the Land of Alps offers you some awe-inspiring bungee sites. One of the most popular is Verzasca Dam jump which is at a height of 720 feet and is an arch dam which pleases you with a classic jump experience. Locarno city is the nearest to Verzasca Dam where swiss trains ply on regular intervals. You can also get a bus or drive through A2 Basel –Chiasso Highway. The day jump would cost you around 195 CHF and the night jump would cost you 255 CHF.

The World's Best Bungee Jumping
The World’s Best Bungee Jumping

Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, USA – Plunging over the River Arkansas, the bridge is a famous spot for Bungee lovers and enthusiast across the globe. Hang yourself at 955 foot above the ground and take a deep dive into the steep rock mountains by the side and breathtaking waters. Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge is also the highest in the United States. Bungee jumping from this bridge is purely on the invitation and happens during a three-day period in the Go-Fast Games event every year.

Royal Gorge Bridge. Was so windy that day, we couldn't let go of the bikes while parked on the bridge
Royal Gorge Bridge

The Pipeline Bungee, New Zealand – All kind of adventurists and bungee enthusiastic can consider New Zealand as heaven as it offers a wide variety of sports including Bungee jump. The height of this Jump is 335 feet and the best part is that you can touch the foam from the water by plunging the 102 meters descent! It is located near Queenstown and can easily be reached by Bus however driving your own vehicle is a different experience altogether. The cost of the jump here is NZ$150.

134 Meter Bungy Jump - Nevis Bungy, Queenstown, New Zealand
134 Meter Bungy Jump – Nevis Bungy, Queenstown, New Zealand

Longqing Gorge Bungee, China – This is one of the most exotic Bungee jumping sites you will never regret. Covered with crystal clear water and green mountains this can be a lifetime experience in itself. This spot allows you to make a jump of 164 ft into the Lonquing Gorge and you make a story of the lifetime to tell! It is located near Beijing and is an 85km ride to the site by private taxi. Several buses also ply between Lonquing Gorge and Beijing. The cost here is CNY 150.

Longqin Gorge The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is located just a short hour drive south of Colorado Springs to the west of the Canon City
Longqin Gorge The Royal Gorge Bridge

Rio Grande Bridge, New Mexico – Offering you a jump of 681 ft, this would definitely be one of the best places for Bungee. You need to book your tickets and itinerary in advance as the bridge is only jumped once in a year. This spot can easily be reached from Taos Regional Airport and the nearest towns are Santa Fe and Albuquerque from where you can hire a taxi to the bridge. The jump costs here at $350 per jumper.

Rio Grande Bridge, New Mexico
Rio Grande Bridge, New Mexico

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