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Welcome to Slovenia.

Slovenia makes up just 0.004% of the earth’s surface. Located in Europe between Italy and Croatia this country has only a population of 2 million people. It’s even less than the borough of Brooklyn, New York. To attract Tourists Slovenia can count on its green nature with more than 60% of its area covered in forests.

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You can find over 800 species of animal there, like brown bears whose population has doubled in 10 years. It’s also home to 2% of all species of the planet earth. To conserve this natural heritage 36 percent of its land is classified as “protected natural zone”. The country has extensively invested in Ecotourism. In 2016 the government has established the Slovenia Green label in order to reward the businesses that respect the environment. As a tourist, there are many hotels and bungalows to have a pleasant stay and most of the hotels are totally self-sustained in water and electricity and are entirely built with ecological material. See More Venice Tourist Places

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Slovenians believe in preserving natural ecology and believes in maintaining a balance between them and nature. There are many beekeeping farming which tourist can visit in the country. Bees here are doing really well with nearly 8 hives per km. In the capital Ljubljana there is no exception and because of which it was nominated as the Greenest city of Europe with special thanks to its 75% of green spaces and the layout of its city center which encourages transport by walking. So next time you are planning a visit to this eco-friendly country, make it a point to enjoy nature with breathtaking views and greenery.

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