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Poland which is also known as Polska in Polish is a central European country with a vast and eventful history with rich heritage presented in the variety of monuments from different periods and extended landscape starting from Baltic Sea coastline to the Tatra Mountains. The temperature in Poland is relatively moderate with cold winters (December to March) and hot summers which extend from June to August. Winter temperature ranges between -1°C (30°F) to -5°C (23°F) and the average temperature in summers range between 16.5°C (62°F) to 19°C (65°F).

Poland Attractions
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Warsaw or Warszawa is Poland’s capital with more than 1.8 million inhabitants and is regarded as the business city where many Poles migrate in search of education and job opportunities. Institutions in Poland have a vibrant spirit and are also one of the important scientific and cultural centers. Despite the past austerity, Warsaw is a city which can also be known as Phoenix which rises from the ashes and elegance can still be discovered who look below the surface. See More Top Ten Budapest Attractions and Key Destinations

The landscape of the city is flourished with medieval fortified castles, extravagant Neo-Renaissance, and Historicist manors. The Poland flag consists of two different colors, the upper one which is white and lowers one which is red.

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Poland city also provides an exceptional educational system with free university education along with Universal healthcare systems for all its citizens. Poland is also considered as one of the most dynamic economies in the world with a very high rank on the Human Development Index. Thus it is also a developed economy which maintains a high-income standard among its citizens at any and every level.

The name Poland has a Unique meaning which literally means “people living in open fields”. This country is also blessed with diverse nature with beaches, mountains, forests, deserts, and lakes. Its seashore extends to almost a length of 800kms with a few mountain chains such as Carpathian, Sudet, and Świętokrzyskie and some beaches are also famous as “Poland Beach”.

You may also be surprised to know that Europe’s heaviest animal lives in Poland which is European bison and is also home to more than 900 bison. Poland also has majestic 16 World Heritage Sites in which Malbork is the biggest castle in the world.

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