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Best Trekking Places In India For Beginners

From Swimming with Sharks to Chasing the Northern lights and Walking on the Great Wall of China to the peak of Mt Everest is what should be on your bucket list. I am here to give you some enthralling travel experiences that will surely inspire and acquire your thoughts to move forward to a Journey of a lifetime. After a month of Brainstorming, I have found and came up with some exciting adventurous activities which will surely energize you and will fill your veins with new blood. I have found 100 of activities but I have narrowed down some for you here in my blog.

Best Trekking Places In India

Trekking is often known as the introduction to the majestic mountains and myriad landscapes where a number of enthusiastic adventurists from every corner of the world come. It gives you a plethora of options to explore the challenging trails starting from easy to moderate and ending with moderate to tough. Doesn’t matter you are a Novice or an Expert, mountains always welcome us with open arms.

Being a trekker from the past 10 years I have myself experienced the enticing nature at its best. It has always ended in a pleasant surprise for me. Snow-capped mountains, gushing river streams, and hanging glaciers are some of the traits of nature which accompany you while you explore the Himalayas. The glimpse of rare Himalayan species, high altitude tribal villages, and well preserved ancient culture are some of the memories you can capture for your lifetime.

Apart from all this trekking also offers you some unmatched challenges of nature and also gives you spine-chilling experience. Above all, you get time to know yourself better while connecting to nature. Trekkers often find this as a never-ending learning process and quite distinct. Some of the world’s greatest treks lie in the Himalayas.

Nepal which hosts around half of the world’s highest peak over 8000m including the highest peak Mt Everest is one of the best trekking fields in the world. Annapurna base camp trek and Makalu Base camp trek also adds beauty to the trekking of Nepal. Sikkim in North Eastern Indian subcontinent, Uttrakhand and Himachal offers some of the splendid trekking experiences of the lifetime with treks such as Roopkund Trek which is also called as the Mysterious Lake trek, Nanda Devi trek and many more. Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir offers you with a Frozen Zanskar river trek in winters which in itself is a miraculous experience. See More Top 5 Unseen Marvel

I present to you some of the magnificent trekking destinations

Stok Kangri Trek

  • Location – Ladakh Region of Jammu and Kashmir
  • Duration 9 to 11 days
  • Altitude 6,153 meters or 21000 feet
  • Grade Moderate to Tough
  • Season July to September

Stok Kangri is one of the most arduous trekking summits in the Ladakh region of India. If you seek to capture the deluge of the mountain ranges from a majestic height of 6,153 meters that you can’t skip the Stok Kangri Trek. This trek is every trekker’s dream but only a few are able to take the challenge as this is one of the highest altitude treks in India which requires acclimatization of a serious degree.

The trek starts from Leh which lies at an elevation of 3600meters and after the acclimatization of 1 or 2 days you drive to Lamayuru and from there the trail begins to ascend consistently over Prinkti La which is at a height of 3800 meters and then descends to Wanla. Trek to Stok Kangri from Wanla follows through the river bank of Yapola River and heads to Hinju.

Mt. Stok Kangri Trek Ladakh
Mt. Stok Kangri Trek Ladakh

The trail then passes through the Hinju valley followed by a sharp climb to Konzke La at a height of around 4900 meters. Thereafter you need to prepare yourself for some uphill and downhill tasks till you arrive at Chilling. From Chilling another mighty river name as Zanskar follows you till Shingo and it follows you to Yurutse village which is a village of the ancient times in this region. After visiting the Gompa names Rumbak the trail now heads to the base of Stok Kangri over Stok La.

Now the last and the toughest climb start to the summit which approximately takes 10 hours to climb from the base to the summit. There are many direct flights from Delhi to Leh and takes around 2 hours to reach Leh. Leh accommodates you with a variety of hotels for your overnight stay and gives you all the time to acclimatize yourself to feel the touch of the beautiful Stok Kangri the next day.

Auden’s Col Trek

  • Location – Gangotri Region of Uttrakhand
  • Duration – 10 to 16 days
  • Altitude – 6,465 meters or 22000 feet
  • Grade – Tough
  • Season – May to October

 Auden’s Col is a lesser known mountain pass that lays connecting Jogin I and Gangotri both at the height of around 5500 meters. This trek starts from Gangotri Valley and ends in Kedar valley connecting two of the major shrines Gangotri and Kedarnath which are also said to be the birthplace of holy river Bhilangna and Mandakini which later meets Alaknanda near Devprayag and becomes Ganga thereafter. A very little but challenging mountaineers love to trek this so as to plan their adventure holidays.

Trekking to Auden’s Col requires a huge amount of Courage as this trek offers you a peerless experience of the rustic power of nature. You need to walk on the glacial ice which requires a high level of physical fitness. As you reach Gangotri the first day is for your acclimatization at the sacred town of Gangotri where you can explore the Pandav caves of the Mahabharata and can also explore the local ashrams in the city where you can find yourself attached with the Hindu Culture. And do not miss the Aarti of the river in the evening which will fill your soul with divine powers.

Auden Col Trek
Auden Col Trek India hikes

The next day is the day when you begin your trek from Gangotri to Nala Camp which is of 8 kilometers through the pine and the birch forest and you reach the spot where you can mesmerize yourself with the splendid view of Jogin and Kedartal mountain range. It’s an awesome experience in itself. Stay here for an overnight in tents and after having breakfast the next day head to Rudragaira Base camp which is another 7 kilometers from Nala Camp.

Because of the uncertain climate and atmospheric conditions, it is advisable to take some rest and acclimatize yourself at Rudragaira Base camp so that you are not completely exhausted and ready to continue. From Rudragaira to Gangotri group the trek is quite challenging and may give you a tough fight. From here the Auden’ Col base camp is 6 kilometers and is the most demanding and the challenging trek as the pathway is full of the moraine.

Stay here overnight in the tent and then return via the waterfall camp to Chowki to Vasuki Tal and then Via Kedarnath to Rudraprayag and finally halting in Rishikesh city and back to Delhi.

Note: Take some Diamox tablets and Sweets to prevent you from lack of oxygen on the heights.

Dzongri- Goecha La Trek

  • Location – Sikkim Region of North East
  • Duration – 10 to 11 days
  • Altitude – 4,940 meters or 16,200 feet
  • Grade – Easy to Moderate
  • Season – June to September and October to Mid-November

Dzongri-Goecha La is one of the famous trek routes in the Sikkim region of India. While trekking to Dzongri you pass through the majestic mountain range of Kangchenjunga and Mt Kabru with a spectacular view of other small Himalayan ranges. Samiti Lake, Thangsing and Tsokha are the beautiful lakes which add beauty to this trek. There are a variety of wild plants that can found during this trail along with forests of pine, magnolia, Oak, Maple, chestnut, and others. Some rare species of animals like Barking deer, the Red Panda, Musk Deer, and The Himalayan black bear can be seen here.

Goecha La trek
Goecha La trek Difficulty Level

This trek starts from Yuksom which is also a historical place stating the candid culture and tradition of Sikkim. Yuksom can be easily reached from Darjeeling via a taxi or Bus. The trail starts from Yuksom to Tshokh which is around 14 Kilometers and takes around 5-6 hours takes you through the banks of Ratong Chu River whose thundering sound can be heard through the gorge below.

You need to cross the 4 bridges to climb vertically towards the small settlement of Bakhim. Another 3 Kilometers from Bakhim takes you to Tshokh. You may choose to rest and stay in overnight camps here. Tshokh to the final summit is now 10 kilometers away and the climb takes you through the beautiful forest of rhododendron and the top of Phidang and from Phidang it takes another 3 hours to reach Dzongri.

Dzongri amazes you with a beautiful view of Koktang(6147m), Pandim(6691m) and Narsing(5825m) mountain ranges. There are daily flights to Bagdogra from all the airports in India and from Delhi. Darjeeling can be reached in 2 hours from Bagdogra.

Pin Parvati Trek

  • Location – Himachal
  • Duration – 15 to 17 days
  • Altitude – 5,300 meters or 17,000 feet
  • Grade – Moderate to Tough
  • Season – July to September

The Pin Parvati Pass lies at an elevation of 5,300 meters and is said to be one of the highest mountain passes of Indian Himalayan Region. It acts as a bridge between Parvati Valley of Kullu region and Pin Valley of Spiti region. This trek in Himachal Pradesh is attempted by a few enthusiastic trekkers from all around the world and hence the valley remains unexplored by normal tourists. While you trek this pass you see three phases of land namely evergreen, Barren and then finally rugged. You may also notice the different culture which is isolated in the mountains here. The trek passes through the Alpine forest, gushing river streams, wildlife, and pristine glaciers.

Pin Parvati Trek
Pin Parvati Trek Best Time

The Pin Parvati trek starts from Khirganga which is at a height of 3,020 m and is also famous for its hot water springs. The trail moderately starts with a gradual climb towards Tunda Bhuj at 3,285m and thereafter it continues with an uphill trek to Odi Thach at 3,800m. Once you reach the Manatalai Lake at 4,115m you see the Manatalai Glacier which is also the source of the Parvati River.

A single rock bridge named as “Pandu Bridge” will also quite amaze you while on your path. Pandu Bridge is said to be built by the Pandavas during their eviction in the Himalayas. From Manatalai the trail leads to the base of Pin Parvati and then a steep climb to Pin Parvati begins. The route then descends to Tiai 3700m and leads to the barren land of Spiti and you reach Kaza via Gulling. Kaza is a small town famous for its Monasteries. From Kaza, your Journey wheels finally end in Manali.

There are regular buses and taxis from Manali to Delhi on a daily basis. Kullu Airport is the nearest airport to Manali.

Adi Kailash Peak:

  • Location – Uttrakhand
  • Duration – 25 to 30 days
  • Altitude – 6,191 meters or 20,311feet
  • Grade – Tough
  • Season – May to September

Impending at an elevation of 6,191m the Adi Kailash Peak is one of the sacred peaks in the Himalayan region of India where the snow deposition pattern takes the shape of “OM”. Adi Kailash is also known as OM Parvat which was first attempted by the Indo- British team in the 19th century and followed by another expedition in 2004. Lake Parvati is located on the base of the peak at a height of 4,500m and is seen as a holy lake by many Hindu Pilgrims.

The trek to Adi Kailash base camp plies through a rich valley which is adorned with several tribal villages and a wide range of Flora and Fauna. This is one of the most challenging and toughest treks in the Kuman region of the Himalayas. The best time for this trek is between June to October when the semi-circular part of OM symbol can be seen.

Adi Kailash Peak Pictures
Adi Kailash Peak Pictures

The trails lead us to Lakhanpur from where we need to reach Lamari which is around 9 km. Stay at Lamari for overnight and take rest. Next morning proceeds towards Budi which is 9km and from Budi, the trek becomes steep and challenging. Next stop will be Nabi where you can night stay and then next day a jeep ride of 18km would take you to Kutti Village which is a small tribal village and you can enjoy some nature walk.

From Sungchuma you need to head towards Jollinkong from where the glimpse of Adi Kailash can be seen. This trail takes around 14 to 16 days depending on your fitness level. It is recommended that you have prior trekking experience while trekking this mountain.

Nilgiri Peak

  • Location – Tamil Nadu
  • Duration – 2 to 4 days
  • Altitude – 2,623 meters or 8,605 feet
  • Grade – Easy to Moderate
  • Season – May to June and August to December

Nilgiri mountains are one of the finest trails which pass through emerald blue lakes, waterfalls, huge dams, lush green meadows, and tea plantations. It is a part of the Western Ghats bordering the states of Karnataka and Kerala. It is less used by humans and more by animals like Nilgiri Langoors, the Lion-tailed macaque and bison. You can see them too if you are lucky. This trek requires permission from the local authority as it is a national park.

Nilgiri Hills
Nilgiri Hills View From Doddabetta Peak

You can reach Ooty city from where this trek starts. As you reach the Sandynulla reservoir which is just half an hour drive from Ooty you will notice board of the Tamil Nadu Forest department in the local language that asks you to save forests. You reach parson’s valley after crossing some mud trails and streams with grazing cattle’s. From Parson’s valley, it takes another 4 hours to reach Porthimund Lake at a distance of 10 km where you can visit the parson’s dam and come back.

You may also choose to trek to Mukurthi dam which takes another 15-20 minutes but the patch might be slippery during monsoons. Thereafter you reach the Pandiar hills and another 16 km takes you to Pykara hills. Here you need an experienced guide as the trail changes its path very often and you might take the wrong way. You finally reach the Madumalai National park and half an hour drive from here will take you to Masinagudi from where an hour drive will take you back to Ooty.

Ananthagiri Hills

  • Location – Andhra Pradesh
  • Duration – A day or two
  • Altitude – 700 meters or 2,296 feet
  • Grade – Easy
  • Season – May to June and August to December

The Ananthgiri hills are located in Andhra Pradesh and can sweep you off with its amazing beauty. It attracts pilgrims, nature lovers and many travelers from across the world. It is a perfect retreat during the scorching summers.

Ananthagiri Hills
One Day Trip To Ananthagiri Hills

It is located at a distance for 40km from the city of Vishakhapatnam and is on the top of the Tirumala hills. The valley can be visited anytime during the year because of its pleasant weather all year round. The calm surroundings and the wholesome weather add beauty to the hills of Ananthagiri and make it popular for peace seekers and often honeymooners.

From Ananthagiri, you may also reach the Borra caves where you can see the natural formation of limestone caves and is a million-year-old cave. You can reach Ananthagiri from Hyderabad via buses, taxis and other means of transport. The nearest railhead is Srikakulam which is at a distance of 3km.

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