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Grand Canyon National Park is the 15th site in the United States which is located in Northwest Arizona with features such as Grand Canyon, a gorge of the Colorado River which is often known as one of the wonders of the world. This national park is also designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 and is the second-highest after Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Grand Canyon Village
Grand Canyon National Park: Hermit Road 8231

The Grand Canyon is appraised for its combination of size, depth and different layers of colorful rocks predate to Precambrian times. The canyon itself is created by the notch of the Colorado River and its tributaries after the plateau of Colorado was uplifted.

The main public areas of the park are the South and the North Rims adjacent to each other. The remaining park is extremely rugged and remote, although some of the places are accessible by pack trail and backcountry roads. The South Rim is more reachable than the North Rim and around 90 percent of visitors visit this region.

Grand Canyon Tours
Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

In the South Rim you can drive all the way to Hermits Rest but during the peak season from March to November the road is closed to the private vehicles west of the village. Crucial stops along the way include the Abyss with its 3000-foot vertical drop and the famous Pima Point where you can catch the glimpse of the milk-chocolate colored Colorado River.

This Rim trail as far as the Yaki point; beyond that, a private vehicle is required to access the viewpoints along the drive. Grand Canyon expert debates which are left unnoticed along the stretch are best, from the aptly named Grandview point to Moran Point with Hance Rapids view and Lipan Point. Desert view watchtower is a higher view down into the canyon with sits at 5000 feet above the canyon floor, past scenery of ancient Native American life.

Lipan Point
Tourists at viewpoint, South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA

From Desert View tower, a drive of around 200 miles to Grand Canyon‘s North Rim is a different journey altogether which can be remembered for a lifetime. North Rim is higher than its southern counterpart and may not seem like a lot but the extra elevation creates a big difference in climate, vegetation and the animals you come across. One can visit here from May 15 to October 15. Grand Canyon Lodge is the best place to sit and stare the geological wonder with even more vertiginous view.

Yaki Point
Phantom Ranch Grand Canyon

Around 40000 people a year visit the canyon for overnight stays that can vary from one night to a week. Trekkers should always check the weather conditions before starting to hike the trail and keep a map handy all the time. Phantom Ranch and Bright Angel Lodge are places to stay in South Rim with basic cabin and dorm rooms with shared baths. Three campgrounds at Grand Canyon Village in the North Rim and Desert View are good places to stay.

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