Jungle Safari

Best Jungle Safari In The World

Jungle Safari

This is one of the chances to see the king of the forest on its own turf or to watch a group of Elephants and wild buffaloes gives to a majestic feel and is worth every penny spent. Some of these experiences will definitely give to goosebumps at the supremacy of what you have witnessed.

A phenomenal wildlife safari with an amazing variety of animals and birds and sometimes encountering with leopards will thrill you till you bite your nails completely. There are many places in the world which leaves you enchanted with wildlife experience such as Kenya from where this concept of wildlife started off. Kenya has the world best Savannah ecosystem which houses a variety of wild animals like African buffaloes, Thomson’s gazelle, Zebra, and the Klipspringer Antelope. You may also find popular birds like Vultures, eagles, and swifts that can make your leisure holiday worth spending.

Similarly, Serengeti National park in Tanzania offers you with a spectacular view of wildebeest and 3 lakh zebra. You cannot believe your eyes when you see a mass movement of animals across the Mara plains in search of greener pastures during summers. Kruger National Park in South Africa allows you to view around 100 species of reptiles, the deadly black mamba being one of them. There are plenty of Safari packages you may opt for and drive through the diverse landscapes. See More Best Scuba Diving Places In The World

Ongava Park, Namibia

The Ongava and the Etosha National park is home to lions, Rhinos and giant elephants. For a never-ending adventure, you may choose to stay in the Little Ongava Camp within the reserve which allows you to spy on the wildlife along with the luxury of its lodges with pools and log fires.

Jungle Safari
Jungle Safari Ongava Park, Namibia

Ranthambore, India

While the majority of Safaris are confined to Africa, India has something magical to offer. The highlight of Ranthambore National park is the Tiger which is also considered as the main event here. Most tourist here opt for giant open-sided trucks or can go for private jeep safaris with a guide who can help you spot a glimpse of Tiger.

Jungle Safari
Jungle Safari Ranthambore, India

Kruger National Park, South Africa

This National park is the country’s largest park with one of the world’s best luxury lodges to catch you a glimpse of your favorite animal. Along with lions, Elephants and other giants this park is also said to be the home of a wide variety of Mammals and other wildlife. You may also opt for the tree house in Lions Sands Reserve for a night under the stars.

Jungle Safari
Jungle Safari Kruger National Park, South Africa

Patagonia, South America

Heading to the deepest and the darkest South America Patagonia adventure is a thrill in itself away from the hustle bustle of the city. If you deep inside you might find the elusive Puma as well as a bounty of native birds and flora and fauna. You need to head towards the coast to find orcas, elephant seals, and a group of penguins.

Jungle Safari
Jungle Safari Patagonia, South America

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