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10 of The Most Mysterious and Forbidden Places On Earth

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle which is also known as Devil’s Triangle is said to be mysterious as it has some indefinable occurrences from the mid-19th century when some ships and airplanes vanished for no obvious reason.

Aircrafts flying at a height of more than 20000 feet were reported to be submerged by some unknown gravity and were never found again. Some explain this as a theory of supernatural but the researchers and scientists have more environmental and geophysical factors to explain this better. Top 6 Places Around The World to Swim with Sharks

One Hypothesis is that when a pilot approached the Bermuda triangle, navigation failed significantly and the aircraft lost its connectivity with the radars and with no distress recorded.


The Bermuda Triangle is also said to be an imaginary section of the Atlantic Ocean bounded by Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Miami. There are many logical reasons given such as flammable methane gas which exists in large quantities under the sea here and maybe an electrical spark or a strong lightening provoked a huge bubble of methane that came to the surface and made ships and airplanes disappeared. While the other theory explains of sudden rogue tidal waves or geomagnetic abnormality that crates navigational issues and confuses pilots and causing them to vanish into the ocean.

It is also claimed that Bermuda Triangle is one of the 2 places on earth at which magnetic compass points at true north instead of magnetic north as the true north creates fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field causing much higher gravitational force at a time.

Bermuda Triangle is now a heavy traffic area largely traveled by cruise and cargo ships and no incident has been reported since the last reported in 19 century.

Gulf of Alaska – The Gulf of Alaska stretches from Kodiak Island and the Alaska Peninsula to Alexander haven at Glacier Bay following the curve of the southern coast of Alaska. Bering Glacier and Malaspina Glacier which is considered as the largest glaciers of Alaska are located along the coast of the Gulf of Alaska. Plate tectonics from millions of years is said to have created the Gulf of Alaska as researched by many scientists.

Largest Tsunami in the world is also recorded at Lituya Bay which is along the coast. But the questions here rise is that why do the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans meet but do not mix in the Gulf of Alaska?

But the problem is that even the dark side of the moon is studied more intensively than oceans so this question arises further many questions that are difficult to answer without understanding whether these two oceans meet or not! It is mainly due to the chemical and the mineral composition of the waters of the two oceans. Density difference is said to be the main reason behind this occurrence.

The density difference is an outcome of disparate salinity and temperatures with the direction of current make it more difficult to mix.

Gulf of Alaska
Gulf of Alaska

The two oceans have different surface currents and deep water current circulation in them. However, it is false to think that the two waters do not mix up at all. It eventually mixes the borders between these two water bodies is not static. They move around and disappear altogether. Scattering and absorption of the light are one of the reasons why this ocean is blue.

The blue wavy lines of light are scattered similar to the scattering of blue light in the sky while absorption is a much larger factor than scattering for the clear ocean water. That is absorbed more and blue is absorbed less leaving the ocean blue.

During confluence waters from two different sources meet if there are particles suspended in the water than it would affect the scattering and the absorption process. Hence the Gulf contains slow moving currents with distinct sediments from the higher amount of heavy clay metal which contains Iron and changes the watercolor. It is the glacial meltwater meeting the offshore waters.

Lake Natron, Tanzania – Lake Natron is a salt and sodium lake located in the north of Tanzania in the east of Africa. More precisely the lake is located in the Gregory west which is the eastern branch of the East African Rift. A salt lake is an Inland lake without an outflow.

The water can only disappear by evaporation and the salt dissolved in the water remains with the remaining lake with the water eventually creating a lake with a high salt concentration. The Lake gets its name from a mineral called “Natron” which is hydrated sodium carbonate.

This lake is said to be a weird blood red lake which turns animals into stone statues. Its red color is due to the microorganisms that thrive in the killer lake’s salty waters.

Lake Natron gets its blood red color due to volcanic activities and its very high level of alkaline with pH as high as 10.5. This killer lake is filled with the mineral solution carbonate that erupts from the nearby volcano and turns the birds into statues. This lake does not drain into the sea or river and hence also known as the Dead Lake.

This lake is 57km in length and 23 km in width but it depends on the water level as well. The only volcano is the human history that has erupted carbonated lava is “OI Doinyo Lengai” and is still active. Carbonated lava contains minerals often seen in sedimentary rocks, unlike most volcanoes that spew glassy, silica-rich lava.

Due to the salinity levels, the temperature goes high up to 60 degrees Celsius which makes the lake inhospitable for most of the animals.


Nonetheless, some algae such as Spirulina can live in the lake and even some fish can survive but only in the slightly less salty water around the margins of the lake. The lake is only the breeding ground in eastern Africa for 2.5 million endangered flamingos.

This flamingo eats the little algae that are in the lake. A visit to the lake is due to the access roads and the untouched nature of the area may be not for everyone but this is a fact that the visit to this lake would be a very special experience.

Underwater Lake, Austria – This Lake in Tragoess village in southeast Austria is a mystery in itself and is also termed as “Green Lake” because of the shadow of the greenery around falls in the lake which is surrounded by peaks of Hochschwab Mountains and makes it a place of perfect beauty and is a zenith for the hikers and adventurers. But this is not the reason why I am talking about this unique lake.

This is unique because of the ultimate natural phenomenon which occurs during summers. The snow from the mountain melts and fills the valley with waters due to which the park goes underwater. This lake is actually a county park which gets filled making it a lake.

The depth of the lake during winters is 1-2 m while during spring when the snow melts water level rise up to 12 m and covers the surrounding park. From May to June the Lake reaches its maximum depth and is said to be the most awe-inspiring at that time.

The lake also creates the beautiful and mesmerizing lagoons which double in size from 2100 to 4100sq meters because of the snow melts.


The lake is a popular destination for tourists and locals as it is just like walking in a simple park but everything underwater. The most interesting part is when you find bridge and benches underwater and trails and trees also add beauty to this lake underwater.

Earlier the lake was a famous destination for scuba divers and underwater sports adventurists but since 1 January 2016, it has been prohibited fearing the damage to the sensitive environment and the flora and fauna underneath.

Bhangarh Fort, India – The Bhangarh fort is located in the Alwar district in the Indian state of Rajasthan along the borders of Sariska Tiger Reserve and is said to be one of the most haunted places on earth.

It is prohibited to enter the borders of the fort before sunrise and after sunset, as people have claimed to have heard ghost screams, women crying and sounds of bangles. Strange lights with unusual sound of music and dance have also been reported here.

This fort was built by King Madho Singh the youngest brother of Man Singh. It was built after the approval of Guru Balu Nath who said to have meditated this place. There is a myth that the Guru Balu Nath made the king swear that the shadow of the fort by any means should not touch his area of meditation however the king failed to keep up the promise.

As soon as the shadow touched the meditating place, Guru cursed the village to be roofless for lifelong and even today if a roof is built in the fort it collapses in a day or two.  Some claims that a group of tourists once bribed the gatekeeper to let them in.

Despite strong warnings given by the keeper, they entered the fort and in the core of the fort, they found a lad sitting alone inside one of the rooms with no passage to go in and come out. Many such incidents have given bone-chilling experiences to the people who came here.

Bhangarh Fort Story
Bhangarh Fort Story

Locals also refer to this place as “Bhootiya” which means a place of paranormal activity. It is also reported that people who dared to stay at the fort after sunset did not return alive the next day.

The fort opens at 6 am every day and closes at 6 pm. Although there is no base of such stories the element of surprise about the fort’s haunted experience is not less than any magic.

Pamukkale, Turkey – Pamukkale is Turkey’s most popular attraction and is one of a kind natural wonder. The unearthly, fantasizing white terraces and warm translucent pools of Pamukkale hang, like the horrifying cascade of a ferocious waterfall.

This site also has remains of the well-preserved ruins of Hierapolis which was a Greek-Roman city with a unique combination of manmade and natural wonders and is thus a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The dramatic travertine terraces built over the millennia from limestone deposited by many hot springs and are also considered as the Greek-Roman spa city because if the bathhouses, temples and you can literally bathe in the pool filled with warm and mineral-rich waters and swim along the columns.


It’s better to visit this site during the winters to avoid the crowd and also there is no place to store your belongings at the pools so you need to carry whatever you bring. A barefoot walk is recommended in order to minimize damage to the natural thermal pools.

The water is the pool is also said to have healing power and can effectively treat ailments, especially circulation and digestive problems. After you take a dip and take full advantage of the pool’s magical water your skin feels like coming out from a luxury spa.

Blood Falls, Antarctica – The blood-red waterfall comes very slowly out of the Taylor Glacier in Mc Murdo dry villages of Antarctica. It was around 2.5 million years ago when this glacier sealed underneath which is a water body containing an ancient community of microbes.

Because they were trapped there for ages below a thick layer of ice, it became isolated inside a natural time capsule. It is said that the trapped microbes exist in the place where there is no light, oxygen or heat and the trapped lake has very high salinity and is iron-rich which gives the red color to the waterfall. The existence of such ecosystem explains that life can exist even in the most extreme conditions.

Blood Falls Antarctica Images
Blood Falls Antarctica Images

Blood falls is also said to have 100-foot streams of water running down the side and is also called as a secret and underground lake by many. It was first discovered by Griffith Taylor who was an Australian explorer in 1911.

He found a strong red color light and guesses it might be caused by algae living in the water. Some scientists have also found tiny microbes capable of surviving in super salty water say 5 times saline that of Sea with no light, heat, and oxygen and they have connected it to the theory of outer space. Though there are ample of secrets in Antarctica has not yet yielded many of its.

Crooked Forest, Poland – Crooked forest in Poland which is also known as Krzywy Las which has about 400 pine trees which grow crookedly with almost 90-degree curves at the base and actually bending towards the North. The trees naturally make a “C” shape from the base and go all the way up to 9 feet sideways.

They grow to around 50 feet tall and are completely healthy despite these unnatural curves. The trees in the crooked forest are different from the plenty of other anomalous trees around the world because of the developed curves and other strange shapes.


This curved shape is because of the genetic mutation and the trees grow in this uniform way. There are many other theories related to this curved shaped trees. One of which is the “Unique Gravitational Pull” in the area which compels the trees to grow outward instead of straight up.

But some suggest that gravity pulls things downwards and not at a curve hence this theory nullifies. One of the most likely explanation was given by certain scientists who explained that the trees were deliberately altered by farmers which were planted around the 1930s and it was very common for the farmers to manipulate their young trees into shapes that would make it easier for them to be used for shipbuilding which requires curved timber that would supplement the shape of ship. This theory made clear that the trees were deliberately made in the curved shape by humans using different elaborative methods.

Skellig Michael, Ireland – Skellig Michael in Ireland is also considered as one of the unique destinations in the world. It is a rugged and a forgiven island on the west coast of Ireland. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site only 180 people in a day are allowed to set a foot onto the Island.

It is now designated as a Natural Reserve which presents a unique landscape enough to mesmerize one’s eyes. The amazing thing about this Island is that it mysteriously rise from the Sea to about 715 feet and on the top, you will find the monastic settlement belonging to the 6th century.

It was earlier home to one of the monastic settlements and some great monks of St Fionan’s monastery lived here in beehive-shaped huts. It is also said that they used to descend the peak every day in search of the breakfast and would spend most of their time in praying, gardening and studying.

Boat To Skellig Michael Ireland
Boat To Skellig Michael Ireland

There are daily boats from a quaint fishing village to this site and some of the fantastic seafood restaurants such as The Moorings Guesthouse and Seafood Restaurant which is a luxurious night stay with phenomenal food and relaxed atmosphere.

Shea lane Country house also offers you a lovely stay in Portmagee which is an Irish B&B and is located at just a short walk at the Valentia Island. Portmagee is a small Irish village famous for its fishing and awesome Irish B&Bs.

Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand – These boulders in New Zealand are a group of spherical stones near Moeraki on Otago coast. The boulders are said to have been exposed through erosion at the shoreline from coastal cliffs. This is one of the most popular places of attraction in the southern island.

The strange thing about these boulders is that it took about 4 million years to get to this size and started forming in seafloor sediments around 61 million years ago. The largest boulder here can be of 2 meters in size and can weigh up to several tonnes.

Moeraki Boulders New Zealand
Moeraki Boulders New Zealand

This place in New Zealand is also the photographer’s land as the early morning and late afternoon pictures with bright soft sunlight which casts across the rocks give an amazing view of the boulders. One can explore the exceptional photographic opportunities.

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