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The Top 5 Unseen Marvel Characters

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Located in the Northern region of the Republic of India, Taj Mahal is the jewel of Muslim art and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage. The estimated cost of construction of Taj Mahal is 32 crores rupees at that time.

It was declared as UNESCO’S World Heritage Site in 1983 and is also among the 7 wonders of the world. It is also called a crown jewel of the world. The Taj Mahal is known as the most wonderful of all monuments around the world. It’s the history of Taj Mahal that adds a soul to its importance: a soul that is filled with eternal love, loss, remorse, and love again. It is also considered as the epitome of Mughal art and one of the most famous buildings in the world.

Taj Mahal Images
Taj Mahal Pics

According to history, the construction of Taj Mahal was commenced in December 1631 by one of the great emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife” Mumtaj Mahal”. It took approximately 22 years, 22000 laborers and around 1000 Elephants to build what we see today. Even it’s so popular Taj Mahal fort has some hidden secrets and passages. There are many rooms in the fort; these are always kept closed since Shah Jahan’s reign. Doors are sealed with brick and lime.

There is a secret story below the tomb which might be hiding around 1089 rooms. These arches along the eastern side of the plinth are supposed to be an indication of row upon row of rooms’ total 1089 that lie hidden inside. There are also rooms on the first floor of this marble structure and the staircase leading to this upper floor is kept locked. Nevertheless, the beauty of Taj Mahal is always at its best. Just a glimpse of it is enough for you to get away and praise its worthiness. See More Mysteries of The Unseen World

The Great Wall of China

It’s perhaps the most recognizable mark of China. It actually consists of numerous walls and fortifications, many running parallels to each other. This wall is one of the most extensively constructed projects ever completed of length 21,196km. When Emperor unified the states in 221 BCE the Tibetan Plateau and the Pacific Ocean became a natural barrier.

But the mountains in the north remained vulnerable to Mongol, Turkish and shunglu invasions. To defend against that the emperor expanded the small walls built by his predecessors connecting some and fortifying others. As the structure grew from Lintao in the west to Liaodong in the east, they collectively became knows the long wall.

To accomplish this task the emperor enlisted the soldiers not always voluntarily of hundreds of thousands of builders required recorded during the Chin dynasty. Many were forcibly taken and some were the criminals serving out sentences. Under the Han dynasty, the wall grew strongly reaching 3700miles expanding from Dunhuang to the Bohai Sea. Forced labor continued under the Huang Emperor and the presence of the wall grew to a notorious place of suffering.

Legends of that time told of laborers buried in nearby mass graves or even within the wall it and no human remains have been found inside gravel pits due indicates that workers died from accidents, hunger, and exhaustion. This history tells us that the wall is one of the greatest inventions of all times and is one of the marvels of 21 century.


The Great Wall of China Pictures

The Great Wall of China Pictures

Angel Falls – This fall is located in Venezuela and also called as Salto Churu’s Meru’, is the highest waterfall in the world, with an impressive height of 3,212 feet and is 500 feet wide at the base. The Aerial view of the falls is so fantastic that one cannot believe their eyes. Ferrying from humble streams to mighty rivers it would travel hundreds of miles to the Sea. Its water drops almost unbroken for almost 1000 meters. Such is the height of the waterfall that long before the water reaches the base in the devil’s canyon it is blown away as a fine mist. The flora around here is represented by around more than 300 species of plants including endemic ones existing only in this geographic region and nowhere else on the planet. You won’t be able to find a single undamaged tree on the top of the platter as the constant lightning is heated during the thunders. The waterfall was opened for tourist in 1990. This region is one of the most humid in the world. It rains here almost every day except the dry season from December to March. In 1944 the waterfall together with the Canaima National park was inscribed by UNESCO as the world heritage site. The Waterfall was officially discovered by American Aviator James Anglin in 1933. He noticed it when he was flying over the area in search of Gold and Diamond fields. Being accompanied by the research expedition Anglin returned to the waterfall on the Flamingo aircraft in 1937. The landing was not successful and the aircraft got damaged. The pilots and his companions were forced to go back on foot and it took them 11 days to descend. For 33 years the plane has remained in the same place and then it was taken for restoration.




Angel Falls Images

Angel Falls Wallpaper

Antelope Canyon – It is located in Arizona in the USA. It is geologically a wonderful place in Northern Arizona. It only takes an hour or two to see it all, but it is worth the time. Its unsurpassed beauty is breathtaking. This is more than just a view and is also considered by some as one of the most photogenic places in the world. You can pretty much point your camera in any direction to get a great photo. You may opt for a photo package when you get there and a guide would take you down and go around the canyon along with you. Please keep in mind that you cannot simply park your car and go. That’s a big no. One is the standard guide package and the other is the photo. During the season it is very crowded down there. It’s like herding cattle’s through narrow valleys. You might have to shell out some extra money for the package but it is worth every penny. You can collect pictures of the famous Rock formation or the light beam as both are really good. The time for the light beams is the summer times and to be more specific it’s the midday time. The canyon is divided into 2 parts The Upper Canyon and The lower canyon. Upper Canyon gives to the charismatic view of Rock formation wherein the lower canyon mesmerizes you with the light beam. So pack your bags this summer and head for the canyon.

Antelope Canyon Images
Antelope Canyon Images

Mawsynram This is one of the world’s wettest regions, which has an average annual rainfall of about 450 inches during monsoon season. As of 2015, it still held the Guinness World Record for having the highest rain annually. Women make “knups’ for the residents, that are made of bamboo and grass, which functions like an Umbrella and is widely used by the people to protect them from getting wet. This is a place of exceptional natural beauty so come prepared with an umbrella here or a raincoat. Mawsynram is also a place of Natural phenomenon and the balancing rock is one such site that you have to see to believe. The Mawsmai caves are a favorite attraction here and are known to be only caves around that that have enough light for the tourist to clearly see the cave formation.

Rain Meghalaya Images
Rain Meghalaya Images

The caves are also a wonderful site for the stalagmite formation resembling the sacred shivling and close by is the Mawsmai falls which is a great picnic spot and provides a splendid view during the sunset as the sunlight shines on the gushing water. The northeastern region of India is known for its Carnivores plants called the Pitcher plants and the botanical garden dedicated to these is located nearby and is definitely a must-visit. The village also provides us with picturesque trekking routes and its superb greenery and amazing sites along the way. To discover the place to find beauty like no other.

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