Top Ten Budapest Attractions and Key Destinations

Budapest Hungary Attractions

A multiracial European capital with a relax vibe, Budapest’s vast boulevards and mind-blowing architecture, steamy thermal baths, affluence of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and emerging food scene are definitely to resonate with all type of anxious traveler.

Budapest is regarded as the world natural wonder because of its huge underground cave system formed by the similar geological springs that provide daily water supply to the city’s main thermal baths. Three caves are open for the public with varying level of difficulty. The mesmerizing Hospital in the Rock is part of the Buda Castle cave and was a secret hospital during World War II. See More Eiffel Tower Paris History, Images, and Wallpaper

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Budapest also shows us a vast influence of the Architectural culture with the display at the Aquincum Museum and Archaeological Park. Aquincum’s excavated ruins date back to the second century which includes the residue of an amphitheater Mosaics and Tombs. No trip to Budapest is accomplished without a trip to the Castle Quarter, including Buda Castle.

Budapest also showers us with some of the great cultural sites with a rich history in a sobering experience, laying bare both the uncurbed evil and undismayed humanity of our species. You may also go for some exotic day trip to Szentendre which is an hour by train from Budapest.

This place is known for its artists’ community where you will meet plenty of hawkers working in the streets in warm weather with a mix of souvenir and upscale design. You may also explore some riverside restaurant or grab a table at the main square.

Try following some offbeat path such as Széchenyi which is a thermal bath in Hungary that may soak you with the local’s here. Rudas is a thermal bath which dates back to 1500s when Budapest was occupied by the Ottoman Empire.

The Hungarian Parliament Building is one of the most iconic places which are one of the status symbols for the city with spectacular architecture. Budapest is also known for its late nightlife which is concentrated in the 7th district also known as the Jewish Quarter. You will find something for everyone from street food to dive bars and wine bars to secret clubs.

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Leaving Budapest without taking a ride on the pleasing M1 metro, a UNESCO World Heritage site that runs under Andrassy Avenue from Vörösmarty Square to City Park is not a good idea. This famous metro was built in the late 19th century and since then has been able to maintain its original character.

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