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Venice Tourist Places

Confused about where to give your love a remarkable and unforgettable experience while you are in Europe? The answer to this question is none other than the city of Romance and love “Venice”. This city is located in the Veneto region of Italy which lies in the northernmost part. Venice was originally built on 110 small islands in the Adriatic Sea. Venice relies on waterways and canals instead of Roads and Highways. Grand Canal thoroughfare, which is one of the most famous areas of the city, is also a major center of the Renaissance. Another one is Piazza San Marco which is an area of Central Square in Venice where you can explore a wide range of Byzantine mosaics, the Campanile bell, and the gorgeous St.Mark’s Basilica.

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Venice is also blessed with the priceless art and rich heritage mixed with its magical, splendid scenery is not just beautiful; a real miracle of creativity. Its inhospitable landscape is built on mud and sand. Architecture is one of the biggest attractions of the city of Venice enhanced by ancient canals that surrounds it. The pink and white marble buildings are a real example of Italian architecture. The best time to visit Venice is the beginning of June and the end of July when Venice is the most vibrant and busiest. One can enjoy the famous Venice Carnival towards the end of February and beginning of March. The next carnival is been to be held between February 8 and 25 in the year 2020. Music, costumes, and celebration of the art take over the entire Venice. See More Best Places In Europe to Visit

Venice Carnival
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Weather in Venice plays an important role and adds a feather to its beauty as it remains relatively cool even during the heights of summer and the temperature rarely exceeds 32 degree Celsius with the hottest months reported as of July and August. April and May witness the rains and are usually the spring months here. Spring is also considered as the nicest of the weather as the average temperature fluctuates between 17C and 21C. However, the coldest months are December and January where temperature can be as low as 1C.

Overall Venice is a real masterpiece of beauty and art with so much to do and see and the city of exquisite Romance will keep you coming back to grab some more love.

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